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We believe we all have a purpose to do more and be more. There is too much negativity in the world and we are dedicated to counteract that by being a force of good. 

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 In this book I share how I have transformed life’s obstacles and adversities into triumphs through mindset shifts. I reveal how the loss of my sister to ovarian cancer, while devastating, created a conscious legacy to do more, be more, and enjoy it all along the journey. My intention is for this book to be an inspirational invitation to deliberately and systematically uplift your outlook. It is geared toward anyone wanting to better their life, health, and mindset. Ultimately it is for anyone who wants to become the best version of themselves and help others do the same. It’s for anyone who needs a lift, which at times is every one of us. Let my legacy-driven outlook lift you up, up, up!

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Tammy Haldeman

Born with a gift of gab, a desire to be the change the world needs, and lift others up, up, up!

In 2005, I went through a divorce and my sister's cancer diagnosis. In 2008 my beloved sister passed. One year later my mom passed. Three years later my dad passed. I found myself divorced and"orphaned" at 46. 

Inspired by those who have gone before me, and a passion to live my life as a legacy to their memories, I knew I must do more and be more. 

What does a girl with a gift of gab, a little talent, a fair amount of inspiration, and a lot of passion do to make a difference?

I started a podcast, of course, and wrote a few books.


It is my hope and intention that you will feel inspired by my words, my guests, and my life. 

Tammy For A Change Podcast