Be Kind

If you follow me at all you know that I am a Dr. Seuss fan. I am actually more than a fan of Dr. Seuss. I believe he was a teacher of how to raise children, an environmentalist, and a guru of how to live life.

I have wanted to dissect and dig deep into one of his poems. I don't know if it has a name or not, but I will just call it Be Kind. This poem is just so chocked full of wisdom and good advice, It is seriously my hope that people not only read this to their children but break it down, and more importantly live it. Let's dig in.

Be kind to the wishers who haven't got wishes. When I read this line it speaks to those in our life who have lost hope. Sometimes it is so hard to see someone without hope and reach out to them. There are times we see someone who has lost their way and we don't even try to give them any offer of hope. Maybe we struggle to reach out because we aren't the expert. Perhaps it's because we are afraid to offend them. Here is my advice, reach out anyway. Your kind words may be the only thing they need. Just tell them, from the outside looking in they look sad or lost or concerned or whatever. Then tell them if there is anything you can do to help, you are there for them. I have offered an ear even if the person wasn't my friend. I have offered my advice even if someone wasn't able to ask. I am kind to the wishers who haven't got wishes.

Be kind to the fishers who haven't got fishes. This tells me if there is someone less fortunate than me I should help them. If someone is hungry and I have food I can feed them. I have seen those who are begging, holding out their hand for a handout. Now I know not all of them really need money and some of them have ulterior motives. Here is the question it raises for me though. How sad and desperate are you, how low and without dignity would I have to be to make a sign and stand on a street telling the world I needed help?If you can't bring yourself to give them anything, at least be kind. Don't be that person yelling at them to get a job or McDonald's is hiring. Just let them live their life the best way they know how, just as you are doing and keep walking. I never give beggars money. I always offer them food or water. I am kind to the fishers who haven't got fishes.

Be kind to the strangers who haven't got friends. I look at this two ways. One thing I see is somewhat obvious - be kind to strangers. But we don't take things at face value do we? What if my mentor and friend I never met, Dr. Seuss, was also referring to those who we think of as strange. Not everyone is just like us. Some people are a little different. We might even call them weird or strange. I remember one time my friend and I were in a drinking establishment and there was a person in there who was very strange. He was trying to talk to everyone and asking for money. Everyone was either ignoring him or being rude to him. Not my friend. She went over to him, introduced herself and me, and offered to buy him something to eat and drink. He was so grateful. I learned a lot that night. Someone was being kind to the stranger who didn't have friends.

Be kind to the walkers who haven't got shoes. Again this part of the poem speaks to helping those less fortunate than us but it also talks directly of those who do not have what they need. In my humble opinion this is speaking of the homeless. I readily admit I don't give something to every homeless person I meet but I will make an effort to give them a coat or a blanket. Last year I crocheted about a dozen hats and my boyfriend and I drove around and handed them out to homeless people who didn't have hats. We also gave away some socks - brand new clean socks. We were kind to the walkers who didn't have shoes.

Be kind to the talkers who haven't a clue. Here is where I am going to be blunt. To me this means the people who are dumb, ignorant, people who say stupid or rude or mean things. Yes, I believe we should even be kind to those who haven't a clue and talk anyway. If we don't we are no better than those we are disgusted by. I can think of some politicians and a few others who talk and talk and haven't a clue, but if I hate them, I am no better than they are. This is probably the one I struggle with the most, if truth be told. I will try very hard to be kind to the talkers who haven't a clue.

Be kind to the outsiders and insiders too. In grade school there were clicks. In high school there were clicks. There is even clicks at work. Clicks - people who choose to run with a certain crowd and they don't make others feel welcome to hang with them. They may even be rude or bully those who aren't in their circle of the "accepted." You will also meet those who don't deserve your kindness. Be kind anyway. My mom always said kill them with kindness. I think this is what Dr. Seuss meant. I will do my best to be kind to the outsiders and insiders too.

Be kind to the kind kept confined in a zoo. This one should be apparent. Be kind to animals. I am always kind to the kind kept confined in a zoo.

Be kind in your mind and in all that you do. To me this part of the poem addresses the very thing we all struggle with at times. Be kind to yourself. Speak to yourself with kind words, take care of your body. ask for help when you need it. Be kind in your mind and in all that you do.

And you'll find that mankind will be kind to you too. As I read this line I feel Dr. Seuess saying if you are kind the world will be more kind to you.

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