Certainly Uncertain

Updated: May 31, 2020

I keep hearing all of this talk about how uncertain the world is right now. I hear analysts who get paid good money to analyze what will become of us, and our future, who say they don't have a clue. I have listened to countless people on the news, on podcasts, and in-person say the word "uncertain."

While it is true that this time in our life is uncertain, I implore you to tell me a time of your life that was certain.

When was the last time you knew for sure what the future held and what you were should do to prepare for that future?

As kids, we decided what we were going to be when we grew up, about a million times. And when we were in our teens we may have imagined what our life would look like as adults. We planned who we would marry or at least what our spouse would be like and I would guess, in most cases, if you are married now that person is not the one you imagined.

There were plans of having some children and if you are anything like me your family looks different than it did when you were just dreaming of what it would be like.

I hear "We can't make plans right now." You can make plans. You just don't know if you will be able to follow through. Think back. I am positive there have been many, many times when you have made plans and then they fell through for countless different reasons.

How many times have you gone camping only to have it rain all weekend? Or maybe you can think of a time you had the most fun weekend planned to go visit someone and then there was a blizzard and you had to stay home. Maybe there have been times when you wanted to do something with a friend or family member and they got sick.

I would venture a guess that at least some of those times when plans were changed, altered, or even canceled led to some of the best times you can remember. Why? Because you chose to make the best of a bad situation, You chose to create fun where there was none. You can do the same thing in this unprecedented, weird, uncertain time.

Allen Saunders and John Lennon have both been quoted as saying, "Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans."

Life is a series of choices. The only thing that is completely certain is that life is uncertain, and you have a choice about how you choose to react to the twists and turns life throws your direction.

Uncertainty is certain. Everything else is optional. Remember, when nothing is certain, anything is possible.

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