Duckie, You're Really Quite Lucky

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

How many times do you hear people say things like, ‘If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all?’ Or when something bad happens to them you might hear, ‘That's just my luck.’

And then, because we all have a human desire to be right, we look at everything with anticipation and expectation of the next thing that isn't quite right, so we can proclaim, ‘See I told you, I only have bad luck.’

Conversely, how often do you hear someone saying those same things when things are going great? I would hazard a guess that it almost never happens. Wouldn't the world, your world, be a different place if every time you experienced something good in your life you exclaimed, 'That is just my luck. If it weren't for good luck, I would have no luck at all?' What if you began to live a life of expectation and anticipation of the next great thing?

Here's the thing, my friend, if you tell yourself, you have terrible luck, and everything always goes wrong in your life, I am sure you are right. I, actually rarely use the word luck because I believe life is how you look at it, and what you make of it.

What if it doesn't matter what you are going through? What if it's all about how you look at it and the story you tell yourself? If what you are telling yourself makes all the difference, shouldn't you start telling yourself something different? What if it makes a difference? Would you start seeing things a bit differently? Would you look at yourself differently? If you tell yourself, you have fabulous luck and you are one of the most blessed individuals on the planet I am certain you are right. Did you happen to notice I didn't as what your circumstances or situation is or what type of life you have?

What if every time something didn't go quite as you had planned you ask yourself what lesson you can learn? What if you told yourself no matter what happens, there is something good that can come from it and it is your job to find the good or make the good happen? You have the power to look at any situation and see what you can learn. You are empowered to make something good come from every situation. The power is within you to look at that one bad thing and see it as a blessing or, if that is impossible, at least see it as a lesson.

The thing is, my friends, you have the power and the ability to look at all things and see them any way you wish. You even have the power and ability to choose how you see yourself.

I have been through some tough stuff. I have lost people close to me way too early. I have spent years alone and gone through many struggles I have had to endure loss and figure life out all by myself. I don't know how to look at the loss of my sister as a blessing or even as if something good could come from it, but I can ask myself what I can learn from it. I have learned a lot.

My sister chose to be happy every day. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in two thousand eight She chose to never look at her illness as something horrible that happened to her. My sister never directed blame, got angry or even questioned the higher power she believed carried her through. She was grateful for everything all the time. She laughed, smiled, inspired and helped others her entire short life.

We don't look at life as it is, we look at life as we are, and we decide how we are all the time, every day.

Choose to focus on the good things happening in your life, Choose to look at everything as a blessing or a lesson. If you can't do that, imagine and create some good from the bad. You have the power! You have the ability!

As my friend Dr. Seuss says, Duckie, just tell yourself you're really quite lucky.

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