Employee of the Century

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

"Hey Friends!"

"My friends, my friends!"

"Make way for the king and queen!"

"Good Morning my friends"

"Here they come, the king and queen of the island"


These are a few of the greetings we received each and every time we ran into Kirk, at Playa Linda Resort in Aruba. Each greeting was accompanied with an ear to ear smile, a heartfelt wave and genuine enthusiasm. He made everyone feel special and welcome. When you meet Kirk you might assume he owns the place.

This man, like every single one of us, has a job to do. If you didn't know better, you would assume he owns the place. He wakes each morning and dresses himself proudly in his Playa Linda Beach Attendant shirt and sets off to vacuum sand, deliver lounge chairs, straighten towels and pick up cigarette butts. He will proudly boast he has been voted employee of the month many times. Everyone we talked to agreed it was a very well-deserved reward.

What sets Kirk from Aruba apart from everyone else is he makes a choice on a daily basis, and many times throughout each day, to show up and give everyone he comes in contact with his absolute, undeniable best. In his mind, heart and soul, this is his island and his resort. He seems to have one goal in life and that is to be happy and make sure you feel as happy and welcome as possible.

When we asked him his name, his response was, "Kirk!" Then with two fingers on each hand pointing up in the air he said, with an enormous grin, "LIke Star Wars. Beam me up Scotty."

If I have one wish for this world it is that, at least some of your days, you choose to be Kirk from Aruba happy and that most days you choose to make everyone around you feel Kirk from Aruba special and welcome just being near you.

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