Reveal Your Super Powers

Today I read a meme which said that you don't inspire people by revealing your super powers, you inspire people by helping them reveal their own super powers. I saved the meme on my phone because, at first read, I thought it was wisdom. But, after reading it again and again, I don't believe it completely. I believe by revealing your super powers you help others learn what their super powers may be and I also believe you may help them learn new super powers. I also believe it helps you develop your own to a new level.

What do I mean when I speak of these super powers? Can we have more than one? Where do they come from? How do we get them? What do we do with them once we have some?

How do I know what they are?

I recently had The Super Hero Speaker, Barbara Anne Cookson, co-host my podcast, tammyforachange. She lists eight super powers.on her website and she wrote a book about super powers called A Super Hero You. This woman is the super power expert. Although I do not know her very well, I believe she would agree with me that revealing your own super powers releases more super powers in yourself and gives others the freedom to reveal their own.

You can have several super powers. You can learn new ones and the ones you have can grow larger. The way you recognize your own super powers is done in a variety of ways. Sometimes it's one of those things that people in your midst recognize and praise you for and you think, "Oh that just comes naturally." Other times people seek you out for that thing that makes you special like giving advice or listening. Many times it's just that certain gift that you were born with to shine in a certain area. You don't have to work at it or develop it or strengthen it. The light from your power shines for all to see.

If your super power is forgiveness and you forgive people they may learn to forgive and develop forgiveness as their super power also. If your super power is choosing happiness every day, the people around you watching you choose to be happy regardless of the situation may flex their intention choice muscles and choose to be happy too. If your super power is simply being yourself and being comfortable with who you are, everyone around you will feel more comfortable being themselves too. I am certain if you ask your close personal friends they will be able to tell you

Without even knowing you I know you have one amazing super power. It is the most important one anyone can have. It’s the one you have to figure out for yourself, hold onto it

and never let anyone change it into something else.

Your greatest superpower is being yourself!

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