The Vision, The Dream, The Action

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

As soon as I knew I was going to pursue this passion, the passion pursued me. That sounds so woo woo or weird or out there, but it's true. Ever since I was blessed with this brainchild to build a community of those who wish to be the change we want to see in the world, the stars have aligned to give me inspiration and creativity. Seriously. I keep getting more and more ideas. I find I want to be writing all of the time. Whether I am driving, in the shower, talking to someone, watching TV or you-name-it, I have suddenly been given the gift of content and material I want to share with the world.

Actually I shouldn't say suddenly. I guess it was always there. It was there as a niggling at the back of my brain which grew into itself as my purpose. Then I fed it and it fueled the fire in my heart as a burning passion.

Recently a dear friend told me I should write down the word vision and see where that took me. I did. Vision. It can mean so many things. By definition, it can mean a fixed point to which we focus all of our energy on. Yes, that fits. The definition I like best is the one that describes it as the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. To me, that tells the story of how this idea was born and why it's so big.

You see, when I think about this website, blog and podcast I don't just see me doing this little side hustle. In my mind's eye I can literally see this big community of people. I can envision this company, community and business which helps spread optimism, gratitude, kindness, love, empathy, positivity and possibly even joy into the world. I feel like I was given this destination and now I just need to get there.

When my friend asked me to write down the word vision and see where that took me, I immediately felt like I should share my vision of upliftuniverse. I can see us all working together. It's not just me. I can see a group of people who are dedicated and committed to the same goal. That goal is making the world a better place and lifting others. It's bigger than I can wrap my head around at the moment, but I know I need to trust it.

The analogy I can give you is we all want to get somewhere and we know where that place is. We just need a vehicle to get us there.

Upliftuniverse and tammyforachange are my vehicles for reaching the place I want to go. When I started the website, blog and podcast, I never thought I was starting something alone. I literally thought of everything as a community. As I created the website, blog and podcast I immediately used words like we and us. I created future email addresses which people who work with me can use some day. I created the website for future administrators who aren't here yet. I created accounts for an income that isn't even being generated yet.

This is bigger than me. It has a life of its own. I am just the driver of the bus to get us there. In my mind's eye I can see the huge community of people and I feel how committed we are to our cause. I can envision the future of this baby growing and growing and becoming much bigger than I can possibly even imagine today.

The crazy thing is I don't even care how crazy I sound. That is how strongly I believe in what I am doing. I believe in something I haven't seen yet, but I know it's out there. That is faith. I have faith that it will someday support me and create jobs for others. Most of all I believe in the vision I was given and know with all my heart that it is much bigger than my imagination. Upliftuniverse will change the world and help people. I can't wait to see where it takes us.

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